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Egypt is full of hidden knowledge and history from the pyramids to Herumakhet. Uncover it all, including knowledge of self. The Kemetians taught the Greeks and Romans everything they know, so prepare to dive deep. Also, take a cruise down the Nile River, hit up the Egyptian Antiquities Museum, pick up souvenirs in the Old City, and explore this ancient culture. Egypt is a must-see destination for melanated travelers and with a budget friendly price like this, you better tell bae or your travel crew and grab a ticket today using the form below or book through Momondo.

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New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, Orlando

Cairo, Egypt

Nov. 2017 – Jun. 2018

Saudia, Egypt Air, jetBlue, or Turkish Airlines

Yes, you can get one upon arrival

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*Valid as of 11/13/17

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