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Get lost in Chiang Mai’s historic city center, shop the colossal Sunday Night Market, and try spicy khao soi. Make sure to check out the gorgeous countryside where you can find friendly villages, elephant sanctuaries, and dope scenery. If you hit up Chiang Mai in November, look out for the beautiful Yi Peng Lantern Festival. Thailand is must see location for any globetrotter and with a price like this, you better tell your travel crew and grab a ticket today using the form below or book through Momondo.

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Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Seattle, or San Francisco

October 2017 – April 2018

Chiang Mai, Thailand

China Eastern

*Take advantage of China’s 72-hour layover visa-free permit; check your flight itinerary carefully for a possible long layover

** Valid as of 9/27/17

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