@billyabstract in Hawaii

@thatgirl_ty_ in Akita, Japan

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Get some R&R on Oahu’s picturesque beaches before eating your heart out in Osaka and hitting up Osaka Castle. Perhaps squeeze in a day trip to Kyoto or Nara Deer Park (you can bow to a deer and it might bow back or eat your map). Then fly off to Kuala Lumpur to snap selfies in front of Petronas Towers and explore Bantu Caves before returning to the U.S. This 3 for 1 one deal is pretty dope, so be sure to gather your travel crew, book your ticket using the form below or through Momondo & jetset go!

San Francisco

Honolulu, Hawaii | Osaka, Japan | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | San Francisco (One-Way Stops)

June 2017 – December 2017

AirAsia, Virgin America, & Philippine Airlines

*Valid as of 2/20/17

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