IRS Revoke Passport
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Trump has been asked time and time again to produce his tax returns, but he refuses to do right by the American public. It’s well documented that he likely hasn’t paid taxes in the country he is now leading as commander-in-chief, much due to his own bragging about it during one of the presidential debates. Now he’s coming for the passports of those who are delinquent on their taxes (not only is he a narcissist, but now he’s a seeming hypocrite).

A year ago, Congress gave the IRS the mandate to collect taxes with Tax Code Section 7345.

This stipulates:

“Revocation and even denial of passport in the case of certain tax delinquencies.”

Basically this law seeks to use travel in enforcing tax collections. Also this law is not limited to criminal tax cases or cases where the IRS has a suspicion that an individual is trying to flee the country to evade tax collection.

Basically this means that if you have a significant delinquent tax debt, then the IRS has the power to notify the State Department which in turn can choose to refuse issuing or renewing your passport, denying you travel rights.

The implementation has begun!

As Urban Intellectuals reports: “Any seriously delinquent tax debt that is unpaid yet legally enforceable federal tax debt and is over $50,000 for which a federal tax lien is filed and administration remedies have lapsed and levy has been issued, will be considered in not being issued a passport.”

Shouldn’t Trump use his executive power to toss this tax code in the trash since he brags about not paying his own taxes? Certainly that would be asking for too much. *side eye*

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