Lauren Miller of Can't Stay Put at the Taj Mahal, India
 Credit: Kiah McBride 

For Lauren Miller, founder of the lifestyle brand Can’t Stay Put, the most memorable moments occur when she’s hitting the road. And she’s not lying. Her jaunts have led her to the hoods of Brazil, tobacco farms of Cuba, hot springs in the deserts of Chile, and to classrooms of South Africa—and those are just the moments she chooses to share.

I knew I wasn’t living or walking in my purpose,” Lauren says. “I wasn’t doing what God put me on earth to do, and I was just at a point where I was very frustrated just trying to figure it out.”

On her 25th birthday Lauren took a trip to Maui and prayed that God would reveal her purpose, promising that she would run 100mph even if it came at the expense of her own comfort. The answer didn’t come that day, but when she returned to the states she put in her notice at work anyway—no plan, no direction, but also nothing to hold her back.


After quitting her job she broke her lease, moved her items into a friend’s basement, and promised to cook and clean during the times she was in town in exchange for a place to sleep.

A lot of people say they want to change their life, but they don’t want to put in the effort and the work.”

She also had the commitment of a former colleague and high school friend, who passed up three job offers in order to travel as Lauren’s photographer. Seven thousand dollars later, Lauren took her first Can’t Stay Put trip through Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Cambodia, and hasn’t stayed put since.

Lauren will be the first to tell you that that answers aren’t always in the plan, but in the process, and that too much planning can impede action. Since launching Can’t Stay Put she’s discovered that the brand isn’t solely about travel, but about encouraging others to create the life that they want to live against all odds. As a self-proclaimed inspirational explorer, travel is just the umbrella under which she spreads her gospel.

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