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No matter how big or small the trip you plan may be, packing up and hitting the road (or the clouds) together in the name of travel is a big testament to the strength of your relationship.

We chatted with the creator of popular Black travel site Soul Society 101 to find out the true benefits of romantic travel and why crossing state lines or collecting passport stamps with bae is not only #goals, but vital for the growth between you.

What are some things you should always be mindful of when booking a trip with bae?

When booking a trip with your significant other, you should always take into account the things that you two bond on and make sure the trip reflects some of those things. So if you are super romantic couple, there are destinations perfect for that but if you two are an adventurous couples that thrives on adrenaline rush, that may be a whole different type of trip. Also, always be sure that your relationship is stable before booking a trip. Nothing’s worse than being miles away from home, feeling trapped with someone you don’t want to be around. You may also want to start with a domestic trip first to test the waters before going internationally.

How does traveling with a significant other change your relationship?

Traveling with your significant other allows you to see them in a whole different light. You get to understand how they deal with money, with new situations that may be out of their comfort zone, how they treat strangers, etc. I always say a trip is like a fast forward button on a relationship. Because so much is revealed when traveling with your significant other, it will either make you fall in love faster or break up faster. Hopefully it’s the latter!

What should you also do/consider when traveling abroad with the one you love?

Aside from their interests, you should also consider what some of the things are that neither of you have done before. A baecation is a perfect time to create brand new experiences that are “firsts” for both of you. Everything from snorkeling to trying a new exotic food can make a lasting imprint that neither of you will forget.

Any recommended things to do before the traveling begins?

Make sure your finances are in check. Broke and abroad is not fun for anyone.

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