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Uganda: The Pearl Of Africa

Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. With a variety of beautiful & lush landscapes, it’s not hard to see why it is called the “Pearl of Africa.” Often overlooked by melanated travelers, there are so many natural wonders and beautiful cultures that many are unaware of. Take a look at why this East African country should be your next trip destination.


Key Info

Primary Language: English
Secondary Language: Luganda
Cost of Living: $
Currency: UGX Uganda Shillings
Population: 41 Million
Capital: Kampala
Passport/Visa Required?: Yes (More info)
Embassy: Kampala, Uganda

Where is it?




Visa & Vaccines

High Potency Mosquito Repellant


Bottled Water

Cash USD & UGX

Bookbag to Keep Electronics With You

Phone with Ugandan Sim Card or Activate your roaming

Black Travel Matters Luggage Tag

Travel Tips

Cash is the best form of currency. It’s best to get your money in Ugandan Shillings, but when you exchange your money be sure to have new unblemished bills (after 2013) as they are very particular about the quality of U.S. dollars.

Kampala is a very busy city with a lot of traffic, so in turn many people use Boda Bodas to get around. These motorcycles are cheap and easy to find, but they are also dangerous. While you’re there hiring a driver is the best way for you to get around. They can navigate the confusing streets and take you across the country for safaris at one of the national parks. There are a list of recommended drivers below.

Only drink bottled water. Even in your hotel, the water is not treated the same way we do in America so you will get sick. When getting bottled water, make sure the tamper seal is in tact.



Queen of Katwe


Abyssinian Chronicles

Moses Isegawa’s Abyssinian Chronicles is a remarkable story about Mugezi, a young man who manipulates Idi Amin’s reign of terror and experiences firsthand the most crushing aspects of Ugandan society. Mugezi withstands his distant father’s oppression and his mother’s cruelty in the name of Catholic zeal, endures the ravages of war, poverty, and AIDS, and yet he is able to keep a hopeful and even occasionally amusing outlook on life.

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Entire Home With Private Security

Beds: 2 | Bath: 1

This beautiful home is located on the outskirts of Kampala in the Gabba neighborhood right off Gabba road. It is very modern and secured with a gate & fence that is guarded 24 hours a day. Their are 2 bedrooms, one is a master and one bathroom. The host is super friendly and ensures all guests have everything you need, they will even make grocery runs for you! Stay here if you want a comfortable experience that has all the amenities you need.

Secrets Chalet

Beds: 2 | Bath: 1

Located in Entebee, the city you arrive in, this guest house is owned by a wonderful couple who provide excellent service. In your own thatched roof home and avocados growing right outside of your door, you feel very close to nature. There is wifi along with breakfast included every morning, dinner is also available for purchase. If you want a comfortable stay in Entebee you need to book with Secrets Chalet.

Speke Munyonyo

Located ion the banks on the Nile on the outskirts of Kampala, this beautiful resort is a place where you can go to get pampered and enjoy nature. Known for their beautiful gardens and Nile river views, you can take a major breather from the hustle and bustle of the city. Their serene campus is full of monkeys who add to fun but be careful at breakfast as they will try and steal your bananas. The restaurant is known for their amazing Indian food and they are open 24/7 so you can always grab a bite to eat. The pool is huge so there’s plenty of room to swim. Stay here if you want a serene and luxurious experience.


2k Restaurant

If you are looking for some traditional Ugandan cuisine, then 2k restaurant is the place you need to go. From mutoke to chipati to posho, you can find your favorite Ugandan foods here. Located in the heart of Kampala, this is a local hot spot. This is also a great place to start if you don’t know much about the local cuisine. Check them out on Facebook with the link below and tell them we sent you.

Discover more at 2k Restaurant


  This trendy new spot in Kampala is dope if you’re looking for an eclectic place to chill. There are a variety of vendors with different foods and a large cocktail selection for you to enjoy in their outdoor section or rooftop patio. There’s even a co-working space where you can get some work done. With live music and a variety of events, if you’re seeking a vibrant vibe, then look no further.

 Discover More at KURB

Khana Khazana

As one of Kampala’s oldest Indian restaurants, it is recognized as having some of the best Indian food in the city. That is high praise in a city with a ton of Indian restaurants. Located in a beautiful setting, you want to give this place a try if you are in the mood for Indian food.

Discover More at Khana Khazana

Saint Anthony’s

This restaurant is a local favorite that has a great selection of Ugandan food. Located on Lamumba Ave. in the heart of the city, you will get a true taste of Kampala when you eat here. If you have a taste for beer, grab yourself a Nile Special.

Discover More at Saint Anthonys


Murchison Falls National Park

As one of the most popular attractions in Uganda, Murchison Falls National Park is a must-see when visiting Uganda. Regarded as the most beautiful of the three national parks in Uganda, you can experience all of Uganda’s wildlife as well as one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Africa. Most people don’t know the Nile begins in Uganda where Lake Victoria and Lake Albert merge, which happens not far from Murchison Falls. This natural formation creates fertile conditions to see all of the amazing wildlife Uganda has to offer. You can take a cruise down the river or do a safari across the savannah to take in the sights. Before you book your safari, be sure to reference our recommended drivers above.


Ugandan National Museum

The Uganda National Museum is East Africa’s biggest and oldest museum. Founded in 1908, the national museum is home to over 3,000 volumes of historical maps, periodicals and photographs. You can also find archaeological artifacts, traditional music instruments, as well as ethnological and historical exhibitions that celebrate Uganda’s cultural heritage.


The Villages

Even though Kampala is the beating heart of Uganda, the villages are the life blood of the country. There are five regions in Uganda, each with their own cultures, customs and tribes. Only by getting outside of the city can you really see the beauty of the country. There are so many beautiful people each with their own story. And the landscapes vary almost as much as the people. From the papyrus fields to the mountains to the trading centers in between, there’s so much beauty in this amazing country. While you travel, make sure to get a rolex. It’s a chipati (traditional bread) layered with an omelet.


Zone 7

An outdoor music spot that serves drinks and light food. This place is getting more and more popular as it is a great spot to enjoy live music with friends in a nice atmosphere. Be sure to make a reservation if you want to sit up close.

The Alchemist

If you are looking for a good place to eat, drink and mingle, then this is the place for you. This restaurant/club is a classy spot with a great menu and a DJ in the evening. It’s popular among locals, so you are sure to have a good time.


Bungee Jumping & Whitewater Rafting

If you are an adventurous traveler and like thrills, then you have to try Nile High bungee jumping & white water rafting with Adrift. Here you can jump from a platform hovering over the Nile and get so close that you can touch the water. Then you can cool off in the white water rapids of the Nile either in a raft or on a boogie board. This is an experience like no other, make sure you visit and let them know we sent you.


For the Gram



WiFi is not as wide spread in Kampala as in other East African cities like Nairobi, but if you know where to go then you’re in luck. If you are staying in a hotel or Airbnb, then you wont have an issue accessing the facility WiFi. If you are staying somewhere without WiFi, then a hotel is your best place to go to get some work done. Hotels like the Serena and Hotel Africana or resorts like Speke Munyonyo are popular spots where many business travelers frequent, so the WiFi is fast. If the WiFi is not complimentary, then it should cost no more than a few dollars.

Coworking Spaces

If you are traveling to Uganda as a digital nomad, check out one of the co-working spaces in Kampala. With Uganda having the youngest population in the world, there’s a whole generation of young people who are looking to push the country forward through leveraging technology. This push has given rise to four new co-working spaces where entrepreneurs come together to work and build on their ideas. The four major co-working spaces are:


National Theater & Bugonda Road

Looking for handcrafted goods? This is the place for you. These are two of the most popular craft markets in Kampala and they are filled with talented artists and their creations. While both have plenty of crafts, National Theater is known more for paintings. Be sure to barter when you get there as the artisans have already added a “mizungu tax” to the item. Combine multiple items and negotiate a little and you’ll come out with some great deals on amazing artwork you cant find outside of Uganda.

If you want to purchase any of the local art or goods, you can reach out to us at

National Theater

Buganda Road

Entebee Art Market

If you are in Entebee, then make sure you check out the Entebee Arts & Crafts market. This market is just as big if not bigger than those in Kampala and you can find many great crafts here as well. If you are interested in having art shipped to you can reach out to us at and we will send you more details.




Widows and Orphans Support Organization-Uganda (WOSO) is a registered Community-Based Organization (CBO) founded by Kitayimbwa Peter in 2012. Peter, a university graduate was inspired to start WOSO because of his own experience as an orphan. WOSO primary goals are to assist in creating income generating activities for widows; providing educational support and health programs for vulnerable orphans; and providing secondary school educational opportunities for youth in the region.

The only way they can continue to grow the work they are doing with women and children in Uganda is with the support of the public. Please take some time to look at the work his organization is doing and if you are inspired please donate to their cause.

Donate to Woso

Helpful Resources

Getting There – Visa Information

You do need to apply for a visa & get vaccinated for yellow fever before you can go. Use this link to apply for your visa. It’s $50 and is good for one trip:

On The Ground – Getting Around

Here are some recommended drivers for you to use while you are there.

Muky Tours & Safaris – Whats App # : +256 784 999113

Kizito, Safari Specialist- Whats App # : +256 702 603919

Robert, Car Hire – Whats App# : +256 704 690202


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