Soulection Chris Mcclenney Julio Galvez
Credit: Patrick Montes

Based in LA, the journey of the part radio show, part indie record label and part artist collective is one of growth from podcast to global broadcast through Apple Music. Soulection‘s varied, underground musical styles — which range from baile funk to smooth R&B — have been instrumental to its cult success worldwide. The group’s taste-making selections have found some of its artists scooped up by major labels, a testament to its pioneering vision and have helped the team leverage the Soulection platform into new avenues like apparel design.

 On the global front too, there’s so much amazing music being made right now. In Auckland, New Zealand, to London, to Tokyo, and all over Europe there’s some amazing music being produced right now. But Chris hit the nail on the head, New York and LA will always be those hubs where stars are born. In terms of going to shows, London is like our second home — the shows in South Africa are also amazing. The energy is very real and we’re really grateful that the fans are so receptive to our shows. It’s just a positive spectacle of people getting crazy.

We recently launched a label officially called Soulection Supply. That’s gone really well. We’re learning as we go along. For us it’s just another wave of lifestyle. We love rocking our gear. It’s amazing to be in Jakarta to see a kid rocking our hat, or we’re in Paris and somebody is rocking our sweater. That is just a clear indication that people are supporting the movement and the positive message that we’re trying to send out.

Our festival is coming in 2017, so we’re working on that, and our touring is going well. But really just getting back to our music shit and putting out some dope music for our artists.

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