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1. Find the cheapest round-trip flight (My flight deal was $420 from Atlanta, Georgia to Lisbon, Portugal). You can always fly out the same day or catch a bus out of the city to your preferred destination. From Lisbon, I caught another flight to Barcelona then to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

2. If you plan to fly, purchase your airline tickets using Google flights early. (Most one-way flights are less than €50 to 90 Euros 45 days ahead). If you change your mind it is much easier to lose out on €50 than €150-180.

3. Make plans, but stay flexible. If you love a certain city or meet a special person, have the requisite white space to stay an extra day or two. You can plan ahead for this by searching alternate modes of travel such as buses, Uber, or trains.

4. I recommend Airbnb as its more flexible and provides greater WiFi to upload all of the awesome videos and pictures you just captured.

5. Alternative modes of transportation: Buses are one of the hidden secrets in Europe. Most come with great WiFi and the premium packages come with spacious accommodations. Example: I caught a Leo Express Bus/Train from Krakow for €33 and a flight would have cost €150.

6., Google Flights, and, are three of the best sources for flight deals. Wizz Air, Ryan Air, TAROM, TAP Portugal and Brussels Airlines are all good low price airlines. In addition, TAP Portugal sends emails to upgrade to first class for as low as €80.

7. Photography: Use social media such as Facebook and Instagram to meet talented photographers in the cities that you plan to visit.  Get professional photos at a fraction of the cost to promote your blog, business, or just to commemorate your visit. I have done shoots in Prague, Bulgaria, and Morocco using this method.
8. If a city has Uber, use that to avoid the typical foreigner taxi scam and Uber in Lisbon is hands-down the best deal in Europe!

This trip I visited:

Dubrovnik, Croatia:  The Views are incredible and the food is incredibly fresh.  Best time to go is off peak season in May and September to October.
Krakow, Poland:  Beautiful city & City Center. Food is great, but very inexpensive.
Prague, Czech Republic: Beautiful city that never sleeps.  Great food and wine that is very inexpensive. You need at least 4 to 5 days here.
Marrakech, Morocco: Beautiful city, people & very inexpensive for food and lodging.
Lisbon, Portugal: I spent two nights here, but had early flights each day.  Beautiful city and very vibrant, I will definitely come back to visit.

“In the end, remember to just take the most cost efficient flight to Europe and from there travel across Europe is very inexpensive.”

Due to the world we live in and the threat of terrorism, I avoid the United Kingdom, Belgium, and France. However, if you still want to visit those areas make sure you in enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program so the State Department and Embassy can update you on the latest activities in your area.

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