Nomadness Tribe - Melanin Majority
Credit: Haimy Assefa

Evita Robinson knew that she was the first black person her students in Japan had ever come in contact with. Traveling or working overseas alone can be overwhelming, but Robinson welcomes the experience; she sees it as an opportunity to learn and to make a lasting impression. Many of the people she met, she says, were only familiar with the stereotypical images of African-Americans they saw in the media. So she set out to remedy that. Robinson used social media and online platforms to create a network of like-minded people in 2011 and called the group the Nomadness Travel Tribe.

Evie Robinson, Pete Monsanto
Evie Robinson photographed by Pete Monsanto

Black travel and tourism is a $40 billion industry,” African-American Consumer’s 2013 report states, “a big business made bigger because African-Americans tend to travel in groups.”

The travel industry “has to recognize that we are bringing not just the demographic to the table,” Robinson says. “We’re also bring our dollars to the table.

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