Rachel Hill of Rachel Travels
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At the time, however, I used being in college and being “broke” as excuses for not getting up and taking over the world, one new destination at a time. That all changed when I was doing my usual late night perusing of Instagram, and Rachel Hill of Rachel Travels showed up in my popular news feed.

I tapped on her profile and voila, all the questions and concerns I ever had about traveling were going to be answered right here. 

Rachel Hill of Rachel Travels
Rachel Hill of Rachel Travels

On her introduction and influence to travel:

I was in an international studies magnet program while in high school. We had to learn two foreign languages (I took Spanish and Japanese), studied world religions, and global policy. It was through this program that I had the opportunity to travel to China as a Senior.

On why traveling is important to her:

Travel is important to me for very personal reasons. At the age of 26, I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression. After deciding that I was not going to be in my mid 20s taking antidepressants, I decided to leave a six-figure corporate position to do what I love, and that was travel.

Travel for me is therapy. Is something that I must do in order to maintain balance, allows me to stay humble and grateful, and most importantly it is a part of my purpose.”

When asked about anxiety triggers in travel:

[No] Honestly since I have been living and walking in purpose I am completely free of anxiety disorder and depression. When I travel solo obviously there are times when I may feel lonely but it passes very quickly. I tend to make friends quite easily while traveling.

On the importance of Travel for Black Millennials:

For so many years, people of color have not had an opportunity like we, as millennials, have to travel the world. Now the world is at our fingertips. We are making more money than our parents and grandparents, we have access to resources – we are literally limitless. It is especially important for millennial’s of color to travel, because travel gives you a wide perspective about the world.

Rachel Hill of Rachel Travels
Rachel Hill of Rachel Travels

As we are dealing with so much in the States, it is important to see and experience destinations, cultures, and societies quite different from ours.

On her favorite quote and Proverbs about and while traveling:

“No place is ever as bad as they tell you it’s going to be.” – Chuck Thompson

The darker the skin, the Lighter the Heart.” – Asmar Elloun Tayb Elkalb (Aswan, Egypt)

Rachel is a trailblazer in travel, and is dope enough to offer travel advice from great destinations, all the way down to effectively planning your travel budget. Make sure to sign up for the Rachel Travels newsletters at RachelTravels.com.

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