One of the primary reasons people want to become a travelprenuer is so that they can quit exchanging their time for money and experience the freedom they’ve always dreamed of. With so many ways of making money on the road, it can be hard to know which one to choose. From affiliate marketing to drop-shipping to freelance writing, there are a variety of income streams you can choose from depending on what sparks your interest and fits your situation. The one thing all of these options have in common is the need for a platform, and that usually comes in the form of a blog.

Blogging has evolved dramatically over the years. From the technology to the techniques, it has become something no longer reserved for tech-savvy writers. Now anyone who has a passion or a business idea can share it with world on their blog. Still even without the technological barriers, many of the people who fail to be successful at blogging are those who are not willing or prepared for the time commitment of managing a blog.

In comes CoSchedule. This amazing productivity tool enables you to cut your blogging time in half, if not more. No longer do you have to syndicate each post manually on your social networks or keep a journal of blog ideas to sort through. With Coschedule, you have a solution at your fingertips that can do all of that and more. For beginner bloggers, getting your content out on social media is one the most important tasks for growing your blog’s following. Coschedule syncs with all your social media networks as well as services like Bitly, to easily craft scheduled messages to promote and track your social media posts. And with ReQueue, you can take this to the next level by automating your best social posts to keep your most engaging posts in front of your audience.

Schedule your social media content all in one place.

As you grow your blog, keeping up with your editorial calendar and your ideas for future posts can become more and more challenging. But with Coschedule’s dashboard, keeping track of your posts for the month is a breeze. With the calendar view, you can have full control of all your blog’s and social media posts so that you know what has come out and what is coming out, and how well they performed. You can also keep track of all your ideas that you’ve saved in Evernote and queue drafts of them up for future posts.

Keep track of your content ideas, whether they are blog posts or Evernote notes.

CoSchedule can also help large or small teams manage their workflow and perform more efficiently. In the dashboard you can assign posts, leave notes and create tasks for each of your team members. This allows you to keep all your communication in one place and streamline your workflow so everyone is on the same page. With templates, you can create blog post and social media templates so you can cut down on time even more as well as ensure brand consistency.

Collaborate with your team all within the dashboard.

Whether you’re a novice blogger or overseeing an editorial team, CoSchedule makes life so much easier when managing your blog. For us, it has been a game changer freeing up our time to focus on creating and curating content we love so we can growing our blog’s following. With CoSchedule’s easy-to-use tools and helpful tutorials, you wont spend too much time learning the dashboard. Instead you’ll actually  be using it to improve your blog management. If you want to take your site to the next level, consider trying CoSchedule FREE for 14 days. See if it doesn’t make a huge difference in your life. You’ll become a true travelprenuer in no time!

Watch this video to get a better sense of how CoSchedule can work for you and your blog.


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