14 gift ideas for your traveling bae

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and gift-giving can be mad stressful. If your bae loves to jetset, then you’re in luck. Take the guess work out by checking out this list of 14 heart-warming gift ideas your partner-in-travel is sure to love.

1.) Tiffantasy: Travel Bag (Kings or Queens)

Tiffantasy Duffel Bag

Founded by NYC Fashion Designer Tiffany Hill, her unapologetically melanated designs are the perfect gift for your traveling bae. Her travel bags are hand-crafted and waterproof, so you know they will last. She has a wide array of travel bags for both kings and queens, which means you’ll definitely find a style they’ll love. Pick up one of these for Valentine’s Day and give your boo a gift they will never forget. #MelaninMade

Website: www.Tiffantasy.com

2.) Monsieur Sharp: Beard Oil (Kings)

Monsieur Sharp Valentines Day

If your globetrotting king has a beard he’s proud of, then this is an ideal product for him. Monsieur Sharp is changing the way men think about their facial hair. Their premium beard oil is the perfect solution to keeping a great looking beard at home and on the road. Pair this with a Bevel kit and you’ll be surprised how well your man can clean up for Valentine’s Day. #MelaninMade

Website: www.MonsieurSharp.com

3.) EACHINE: Pocket Selfie Drone (Kings or Queens)

EACHINE E50 Selfie Drone

If your bae loves to take selfies, but is still doing it the old-fashioned way, with a stick, or even worse with their out-stretched arm, then this will make for a great Valentine’s Day present. Pack this pocket drone in your carry-on for your next trip to capture stunning landscape shots, epic group photos and amazing selfies—all controlled with your phone.

Website: www.Amazon.com

4.) Talley & Twine: Grooming Bag (Kings)

Talley and Twine 1

When your globetrotting gentleman is on the road, one thing he needs is a place to keep all of his grooming supplies. What better bag to get him than this toiletry bag by Talley & Twine? Not only can it hold his Beard Oil and Bevel Kit, but it also reminds him to leave his mark on the world every time he steps out. #MelaninMade

Website: www.Amazon.com

5.) Brother Vellies: Saffron Burkina Slide (Queens)

If you have a traveling queen in your life, then make sure you treat her like one! Founded By Aurora James, Brother Vellies creates elegant and African-inspired footwear for both kings and queens. If you want to jetset in style and be comfortable as you do it, then you absolutely need these Burkina slides. They have so many patterns and styles to choose from, so you’ll certainly find something your wanderlusting bae will love. #MelaninMade

Website: www.BrotherVellies.com

6.) Marpac White Noise Machine (Kings or Queens)

Marpac portable white noise machine

When you’re on the road, one of the hardest things to do is to get a good night’s rest. If you’re staying in a noisy city, lively hostel or have a snoring partner, then it makes waking up rested that much harder. Next time, pack one of these portable white noise machines by Marpac and restless nights will be a thing of the past. It blocks out all surrounding noise, giving you your own little bubble of peace and quiet.

Website: www.Amazon.com

7.) DesiredThingz: Rose Quartz Yoni Egg (Queens)

Self-love is one of the most important things your bae can do to embrace her godliness. One of the best ways to do this is a Yoni Egg self-care practice. Rose Quartz is a great beginner stone that promotes self-love and infinite peace, purifying the heart chakra. It’s perfect for doing kegel exercises on long-haul flights, and getting ready for lovemaking on Valentine’s Day. #MelaninMade

Website: www.Etsy.com

8.) MoonRise Market: Globe Decanter & Glasses (Kings)

Globe Decanter set

A man who’s constantly on the road, regardless if it’s for business or pleasure, can get pretty exhausted. One thing that can always help calm his nerves is a glass of his favorite drink. Why not keep it in a decanter made for a globetrotter? This set comes with an etched glass decanter in a wooden frame along with two matching glasses and a spout to make it easy to pour his favorite spirit.

Website: www.Amazon.com

9.) Trader Joe’s: Chocolate Passport (Queens)

Every man should know by now that he can’t go wrong getting his girl some chocolate (unless she’s allergic), especially on Valentines Day. So why not gift your traveling Queen a trip around the world through an assortment of chocolate? Trader Joe’s has put together some of the best single-origin chocolates in the world for an experience her taste-buds won’t soon forget. Each chocolate comes with pairing and tasting notes, so you can make the day even more romantic with the perfect bottle of wine or champagne.

Website: www.Amazon.com

10.) Melanin Majority: Travel Towel (Kings or Queens)

Melanin Majority Towel

Some of the most popular vacation destinations are to warm climates, which means there’s a good chance a beach is nearby. If you’re planning a baecation or any kind of trip that involves water or sand, then you need this towel. Let everyone know that you are a globetrotter with this travel towel. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your well-traveled boo. It comes in black or white. Get yours below and travel unapologetically melanated. #MelaninMade

Website: www.MelaninMajority.com

11.) Ebonessence: Aura Cleansing Wash (Queens)

Traveling can be one of the most revitalizing as well as energy-draining activities there is. New people, new lands and new activities means many different energies are coming into your aura. If your bae is always on the go, she’ll need to cleanse her aura regularly. Give her the gift of sacred herbs, charged pyramid water, activated crystals, and pure essential oils to raise her vibrations, rejuvenate her body, remove negativity and strengthen her aura. Now that’s love! #MelaninMade

Website: www.Ebonessence.net

12.) Scratch Goods: Underarm Butter (Kings or Queens)

scratch goods underarm butter

Staying smelling fresh on the road can be difficult at times. And as many become more conscious about what is put in and on our bodies, the right hygiene products are key. If you’re looking for a more holistic approach to deodorant, present this underarm butter for your sir or madame to try. It’s made out of all-natural ingredients and smells amazing. #MelaninMade

Website: www.SirandMadame.com

13.) Afrohemien: Adinkra African Symbol Rings (Queens)

afrohemien jewelry

Next to flowers and chocolate, rings are possibly the next most popular Valentine’s Day gift. Now maybe you’re not ready to give her the ultimate ring, but you do you want to give her a symbol of your love. Well these African symbol rings by Afrohemien are the perfect solution. Classy, bold and beautiful just like your Queen, these rings make a unique symbol of Black love. #MelaninMade

Website: www.Etsy.com

14.) GLizBarbados: Passport Holder (Kings or Queens)

The best gift you can give any wanderlust is a passport. And the next best thing is a passport holder. If your bae is already a globetrotter, then help them do it unapologetically melanated with this wax print passport holder. With this token of your affection, your partner won’t forget about you, no matter where s/he is in the world. #MelaninMade

Website: www.Etsy.com

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