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Grow Your Instagram Organically With Real Followers That Convert Into Customers. Become an Online Influencer Fast!

Does this sound like you?

> You’re frustrated because you are consistently posting great images and high value content for your audience but your following is barely growing.

> You’ve read articles and watched countless webinars and videos of online “gurus” sharing strategies on how to grow your Instagram following but it just doesn’t seem to work for you.

> You’re exhausted and overwhelmed by having to always be online and engage with your followers and don’t know how you can continue to do this without seeing results.

> Drained with the growing cost and declining reach of Facebook and Instagram ads.

> You see other brands with content not nearly as good as yours but their following is exploding while yours is stagnating.

instagram growth black business
instagram influencer marketing

If you answered yes to some or all of these, then you’re in the right place.

We have the secret that can change your Instagram fortune forever and explode your following!

There are two things you need to succeed in business: faith in yourself and a strategy that actually works. You’ve got the faith…we’ve got the strategy.

We both know if you continue what you’re doing now you will continue to get the same results. If you’re reading this then we already know you are looking for a change.

Today is the day to make that change.

Black Business Marketing

We Grow Your Instagram With Real Organic Customers

We Understand How To Help Influencers & Brands Reach Audiences Of Color & We Specialize In Helping Businesses Of Color Succeed Online. Our Goal Is To Identify Your Target Audience Online And Engage With Them So That They Become Loyal Customers & Brand Disciples.

We Don’t Buy Fake Followers, We Promise Real Organic Followers And Real Results!

Imagine if you could . . .

> Continuously grow your following with REAL people who are already passionate about your brand and your mission.

> Dramatically increase your website traffic and sales from Instagram without spending a dime on ads.

> Have your DM’s blowing up with ideal clients who want to become customers.

> Turn your now expensive hobby into a stable, profitable, and scalable business.

> Have big brands eager to collaborate with you and create sponsorship opportunities that allow you to travel the world and try your favorite products for FREE!

> Effortlessly generate passive income so you can make money while you’re out to brunch or traveling the world.

Our Story

Stephen and Erin Melanin Majority

When we started our online journey we REALLY struggled to grow our Instagram following. For a year we were posting great images, using relevant hashtags, liking & commenting on everyone’s images and following and unfollowing. It was EXHAUSTING! And even worse we only had a few hundred followers to show for it.

We didn’t want to buy any followers because we knew those weren’t real people and we needed real sales and real money to live.

We listened to all the “gurus”, watched every webinar and bought countless courses but we continued to struggle.

As hopelessness started to set in we were at the point of giving up. We knew we had great content but it just wasn’t translating into followers.

And then one day everything changed…we were introduced to the secret that none of the “gurus” want to let you in on. It turned out to be the key that exploded our following!

In less than a year our following skyrocketed to more than 40K globetrotting Black millennials. And before we knew it we grew our passion for Black travel into a business with a passionate community of travelers, creatives and entrepreneurs.

This one secret changed our whole trajectory and allowed us to create the life of our dreams and empower thousands of Black globetrotters to travel the globe unapologetically melanated.

With years of experience helping people just like you go from a few hundred to thousands of followers we understand what it takes to grow a massive following on Instagram quickly and organically.

And now we are sharing our secret success system to help you do the same!

itsmegrizz mapd nadji grizzle

“The Instagram growth service has done wonders for my personal brand. Not only does my following continue to grow at a steady and consistent rate, more important is the massive increase in engagement this service has provided.

MM’s targeted growth system means I am able to reach followers that truly value my content and as I result I am connecting with more people than ever by way of comments, direct messages, and story responses which massively helps my brand’s presence.”

Nadji Grizzle, @Itsmegrizz

How It Works

Get Started

Start by giving us some information about your business. Tell us about your niche, your goals and anything else we need to know so that we can target your prime customer.


We are experts when it comes to Instagram marketing. We will do comprehensive research on your target audience to find those most likely to become disciples of your brand and loyal customers.


We mange your page and drive targeted traffic to your page by engaging with your target audience by following, liking and commenting so that your account grows organically and quickly with REAL engaged followers who convert into customers.


As your page grows we will continually optimize it so that you are getting maximum engagement from the most targeted followers.

Who We Work With


black business online marketing

Photographers | Artists | Models | Ecommerce Stores | Life Coaches | Fitness Coaches | Designers | Hotels | Restaurants | Barbers | Stylists | DJs | Doctors | Lawyers | Musicians | Actors | Athletes | Tour Companies


You are beautiful Instagram Model

Travel Bloggers | Personalities & Celebrities | Digital Nomads | Food Enthusiasts | Fashion Bloggers | Makeup Bloggers | Lifestyle Bloggers | Mommy Bloggers | Sports Bloggers

Organic Engagement

We engage with real people who are actively engaging with brands in your industry and are ready to buy so your followers will convert into customers.

Grow Your Audience

Growing your audience and generating traffic is key to growing an online brand. We know how to reach your ideal customer online so let us help you grow your business.

Real Results!

You can’t get real sales with fake followers. We ensure that we only engage with real people in your target market who are most likely to become your customers.

Why Work With Us...

Quick & Easy Setup

Getting started is simple and easy. Just give us some info on your brand, niche and goals and we will take it from there.

Real Followers, Real Results!

We only engage with real people. We do not buy followers or engage with bots. This way your followers will convert to real sales & clicks.

Black-Owned Business

We are a black-owned business with a successful online track record. We understand how to reach customers of color and grow your brand with the right followers. Support your community so we all grow together.


Our service is affordably priced so that you can see a return on your investment. Depending on your niche 1 sale could be enough to pay for your monthly service!

Grow Your Sales

Instagram has the highest engagement and conversion rate of any social media network. If you want to grow your sales online you need an engaged Instagram following. We can help you build one quickly with real and passionate customers.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Having a large Instagram following is one of the best ways to establish your brand as an authority. The thing is many brands do not know how to grow their following. Let our services be your secret weapon to staying ahead of the competition.

Attract Brand Sponsorships

As an influencer with a large audience your ability to attract brand sponsorships and media opportunities greatly increases. We can show you how to leverage your new following into huge opportunities!

Create Passive Income

Once you have a large and engaged audience we can show you all the ways that you can monetize it so that you can create passive income that will give you the freedom to pursue your passion.

5 Star Customer Service

Our customer service is amazing! We are available to answer any questions you have by email or chat and will provide a response within 24 hours. We are here for you.

fashion by anita

“After working with Melanin Majority I saw an immediate growth in my following and engagement. Their Instagram service has been a game changer for me. I would highly reccomend anyone looking to grow their brand on Instagram to use their service!”

Anita, @Fashionby_Anita

This is for you if...

> You have your own online brand or business and an Instagram Business account (we can help you switch to one if you don’t know.)

> You’re a self-starter who doesn’t lean on excuses.

> You are committed to success and taking your brand to the next level.

> You are ready to make an investment in your business and your future.

> You post consistently (at least 3-4 posts per week). We DO NOT post for you. We manage your social engagement.

> You’re ready to do the work necessary to achieve your goals.

> You’re ready to stop being a baller on a budget and start having a consistent flow of increased income.

> You understand that there is no such thing as an “overnight success” and you are committed to working with us for at least 3 months to get the results you are looking for.

> You are struggling to grow on Instagram and haven’t seen nearly the success you expect!

crystals are cool

“Melanin Majority took our business from a small page that we were doing for fun to a massive following and 6 figure business! Now with over 40k followers our only regret is that we wish we started sooner.”

CJ Robart, @Crystals_Are_Cool

This isn't for you if...

> You think we are going to do everything for you and be responsible for your success.

> You haven’t created your online brand or business yet.

> You enjoy doing things the hard way and love not seeing results.

> You already have a massive Instagram following with tons of engagement.

> You can’t afford to invest in yourself. No worries, we’ll still be here when you are ready in the meantime check out our post on side hustles you can do to bring in extra money.

Choose The Right Package For You...


$97/ Month

Expert Instagram Account Management

Target Audience Research

Email & Chat Support


Instagrowth Plus

$297/ Month

Monthly Strategy Session (Review Growth & Hashtag Research)

Expert Instagram Account Management

Target Audience Research

24 hour Email & Chat Support

Still have questions? Email us at or schedule a call and we can answer any questions you have.

*You do not need a paypal account, you can use any debit or credit card to sign up.

*There are no contracts but we reccomend a 3 month commitment to allow for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will my account grow?

It depends. Every account is different and every niche is different. Your growth is affected by a number of factors including your niche and the quality and quantity of your posts. We normally see a 2x increase with accounts under 500 followers. We do GUARANTEE that you will receive a lot more relevant organic followers than any other method.

Are the followers real?

Yes they are! You cannot get real sales with fake followers. We are real people who are actually working on your account(s) using organic Instagram marketing strategies.

We do NOT allow the use of bots or software for growth activities. If you want to buy followers, likes, or comments, we’re NOT the right service. We are a social media marketing service that helps you grow your Instagram account organically.

Is your service safe?

Yes our service is 100% safe as we adhere to all of Instagram’s parameters and terms of service. AS long as you are not posting content against Instagram’s policy you will not have an issue.

How do you engage with my audience?

We use a variety of organic and effective marketing tactics, we identify and target specific accounts that are likely to follow, engage, or purchase from you. Such activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Targeting – through analysis of competitors, similar accounts, hashtags, and location, we can determine a target list of users for growth activities.
  • Follow / Unfollow – Our team will follow accounts, then unfollow those accounts that do not reciprocate. Since we only follow people that fit your target audience, these are all high-quality, valuable users likely to engage with your brand or account. This is by far the most impactful method to grow accounts.
  • Likes – We like photos on a consistent basis. This will encourage others to follow you and like your content as well.

For instance, if you are a hair stylist we will engage with women who follow other local hairstylists or hair brands, like their content, post from nearby hair salons or engage with relevant hair hashtags. By following and liking their content they will take notice of you and follow you back and potentially buy from you. This is by far the most effective way to grow an Instagram account.

Our targeting gets much more detailed than that but that gives you a sense of how it works.

Do I need to share my username and password?

Yes. Access to your account is required. All information is stored on a secured and encrypted server to guarantee your information stays protected. The initial Login Process is painless. Since we’ll be logging into your account from a different location or IP address, you may receive a security notification from Instagram. However, we’ll let you know in advance when we’re logging into the account so that you can be sure it’s our team. Instagram may require additional verification by sending you a code to your phone or email which we will need from you. After that we will not require anymore information.

Can I keep 2-factor authentication (2FA) enabled?

Unfortunately not. The reason is that you’ll receive a security verification multiple times per day when we login to work on your account. That will result in constantly having to resubmit the security code to our team and these expire after a while. This results in loss of time and productivity for our team, as well as a dependency on you to be available on demand. Therefore, it’s not worth going through this routine daily.

How often should I post?

Posting at least once a day is ideal. But we ask you to post at least 2-3x per week so that your new audience is encouraged to engage with you. It’s hard to grow an account that does not post. Most importantly make sure that when you do post it is a quality post that uses relevant hashtags.

What's not included?

We do not post on your Instagram for you we only engage with your audience. We can provide sample post templates and monthly reports at an additional cost. If you are interested in a website, paid promotion or coaching please see our sign up page.

Other Ways We Can Help Take Your Business To The Next Level


Web Design

If you need a website for your business or brand let us know. We can help!

Mouthwash 3

Advertising & Promotion

If you are looking to reach a large and engaged audience of black travelers and creatives let us know. We can help!


Coaching & Consulting

If you want to learn to become a travelpreneur, influencer or just need some help with your brand or upcoming trip let us know. We can help!


Brand Partnerships

If you have a brand that is aligned with our audience and there could be some synergy between us let us know!