Hit The Beach Unapologetically Melanated With A Swimsuit From Ashanti Swimwear

Their Story

Every year, women scour the internet to find the perfect swimsuit(s) for their spring and summer trips to lush tropical destinations or the local beach. With brands of color underrepresented when it comes to swimwear, Ghanaian company Ashanti Swimwear is looking to break through barriers. Ashanti Swimwear is one of the world’s first luxury swimwear lines to tell the authentic story of African culture through designs and prints inspired by the ancient kingdoms of Ghana. So melanated women can feel proud to wear this top quality swimwear that molds to their curves and is functional for water sports.

Ashanti swimwear is currently running a Kickstarter campaign where you can get a huge discount on their swimsuits and feel good about supporting a #melaninmade brand.

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