Smoke Buddy: Keep Your Vibes High Without Anyone Knowing Why

smoke buddy travel essential

Their Story

For those of us that like to unwind with some herbal essences while on vacation, we know that there is always a level of paranoia when smoking in a new location. Well this little device right here can help you worry less and enjoy your high more by capturing the smoke so it can stay your little secret. Simply exhale into the Smoke Buddy and your hotel room will stay just as fresh as when you walked in. Now of course since the goal is secrecy a pipe like one from Ashley’s Crystals or a vape pen from Large Up will be more effective then a joint. Smoke buddy comes in junior, original and mega sizes depending on your need and will last for up to 600 uses. It will quickly become one of your must haves for your next trip to keep your vibes high and put some headphones on your loud.

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