Plantronics: Headphones That Will Make Your Next Flight A Lot Better

plantronics black-beat-pro

Their Story

For most of us one of the least enjoyable parts of a trip is getting there. One of the only moments of peace comes when you finally take off and are able to relax with your headphones and listen to your music or watch a movie. If you can relate to this then the Plantronics BackBeat Pro headphones will make it that much better. With these noise cancelling headphones you’ll never have to worry about turning up your music to drown out the crying baby behind you. You don’t even have to take these off to listen to the pilot’s announcements because with OpenMic mode it turns down your music and amplifies outside noise for you. And when that person next to you wants to strike up a conversation, your music automatically pauses when you put your headphones around your neck. All these features and the carrying case that it comes with make these headphones the best solution for any traveler or audiophile.

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