Nomatic: The Perfect Travel Bag for The Serious Traveler

Their Story

NOMATIC was born and raised on Kickstarter. In 2014 we launched the BASICS Wallet. Then in 2015 we launched the BASICS Notebook. Thanks to our incredible backers and supporters, over 100,000 people worldwide are now enjoying our products everyday. As our brand has evolved, we have changed our name from BASICS to NOMATIC. Today we are excited to bring you our most epic product yet, The NOMATIC Travel Bag.

By combining the best features from a backpack, duffel bag and general luggage, we have created the ultimate travel bag to help you spend less time fussing with your luggage and more time enjoying your journey. The NOMATIC Travel Bag has over 20 features that make it the most functional travel bag ever. On top of being packed with incredible functionality, the bag has a sleek minimalist design, is made of strong weather-proof materials and is built to last.

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