Marpac: Sleep Soundly No Matter Where You Are

Their Story

If you are a traveler, you know that getting sleep on the road can be a difficult task. Whether it’s a noisy hostel, a hotel room on a busy street or even an airport terminal; finding some quiet space to catch some zzz’s is not the easiest thing in the world. Well the folks at Marpac are out to change that with their all-natural sound machine. This compact device blocks out all outside noise and creates your own personal bubble of peace and quiet.

It works by creating white noise that helps your brain get into relaxation mode ASAP and drown out screaming kids, police sirens or anything in between. This sounds like heaven after those long-haul flights or business trips packed with meetings. The best part is that it’s small enough to pack in your carry-on and setup anywhere, but in case you want something even more portable they created a travel version that’s even smaller. Grab one of these before your next trip and you will wonder how you slept without it.

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