Levin: Charge Your Devices Anywhere The Sun Shines

levin portable charger black travel

Their Story

We’ve all been there; you are out enjoying the city and you look down at your phone and see 2%. Instead of panicking and looking for the nearest phone store so you can beg to use their charger (maybe that’s just me), next time pack one of these Levin portable solar-powered phone chargers. This charger could be one of the most important items you pack for your next trip, because the only thing worse than having a phone with no power. Is having a phone with no power in a remote location across the globe. This thing is rugged, waterproof and light weight so you don’t have to worry about being to gentle with it. Just throw it in your carry on and be prepared to be hoisted on your friend’s shoulders next time your on a excursion with your travel crew.

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