KampInd: Give Your Child A Bandanna Bib That Inspires Their Wanderlust

Their Story

Children today are growing up in a world that’s more diverse and connected than ever before. With this reality, it’s important that your children are exposed to the beauty of different cultures and hope that they catch the travel bug ASAP. KampInd has created bandanna bibs that do just that. Each of their bibs are made from high-quality materials and tell stories of different cultures while protecting the clothing of even the messiest of eaters.

From their Madagascar bib which reflects the floral patterns of the country, to the Purple Sunset bib that reflects the rare occurrence that takes place on the continent of Africa. Each bib tells a unique story and exposes them to the richness and beauty of the world. Give your child a gift that will protect them from spilled milk and inspire their wanderlust at the same time with a bandanna bib from KampInd.

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