Handspresso: Espresso Anytime, Anywhere!

Their Story

You may or may not plan to bike to your next destination, but if you do the Handpresso Wild Hybrid French Press gives you the ability to pump your way to caffeinated goodness with a few simple tools. Making this nifty invention ideal for campers, city bikers or those in need of a coffee break while renting bikes on vacation. All you need is a bit of hot water and a few blasts of air from the bicycle pump and you’re ready to turn fresh-ground coffee or the E.S.E. pod of your choice into a steaming hot cup of coffee anywhere you might be. Simple, manual espresso machine. Durable plastic body is perfect for the road. Requires your favorite grind and a bike pump. Pressurized body creates rich espresso. Great for hiking and camping. Works with ground coffee or E.S.E. pods.

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