Garner’s Garden: An All-Natural, Melanin-Made Mouthwash You Can Be Proud Of

Garners Garden

Their Story

With 2017 bringing a stronger focus on wellness and buying Black this mouthwash is the perfect ‘solution’ to help you do better. Garners Garden has developed an all natural mouthwash made from peppermint and tea tree oil that wont give you that burning feeling you get from other brands. If you are really to look to step your mouth care game up then also purchase their all natural tooth powder which is more effective than toothpaste. Not only do you not have to worry about fluoride anymore but you can also support a black owned business at the same time. Best of all it comes in travel size so you can take it with you, but if you do want the full size make sure to grab some carry on bottles so you can travel with it.

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