Fancii: This Personal Humidifier Will Make Any Environment More Comfortable

Their Story

As a traveler you understand that you might just have to accept that life won’t always be as comfortable on the road as it as at home. Although it’s inconvenient, it’s is a price most are willing to pay in order to gain new experiences. One of these creature comforts that usually gets left behind is a humidifier. For a long time these were bulky machines that had to filled with gallons of water and plugged into an outlet. Well things have changed.

With this personal mini humidifier from Fancii, you can make the air less dry and more comfortable no matter where you go. With both a USB outlet and batteries you can turn it on just about anywhere as long as you have a water bottle. Just stick this on top of any standard bottle and turn it over and voila, humidity! No more restless nights on the road because of uncomfortable air. With this gadget you will wonder how you made it this far without one.

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