Every year we hear reports of Africans being beaten or even lynched after being falsely labelled as drug dealers, cannibals etc. We must understand that there are good and bad people in every ethnicity and we can’t mask our discrimination with generalizations. The following video is a take on racism prevailing in India, and how ignorant we are to it. The protagonist appeals to the audience to stop racism and embrace individuality.

Concept: Madhumoy Satpathy
Direction: Akhil Sachdeva
Script: TVR Team
DOP: Nishant Verma
Second Camera: Pratik Minj
Assistant Director: Shubhankar Verma
Production: Ramandeep Singh
Production Team: Dishant Nagpal, Arshdeep Sohal and Saahil singh
Actors: Solomon, Akash Arora, Aditya Pareek, Tanishka, Khyati, Adarsh Mishra, Saahil Singh, Pratik Minj, Arshdeep Sohal, Shubhankar Verma, Dishant Nagpal, Abir Bangia, Gurmeet Kaur and Viren Khari Damon.

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