English Promo from Donna Carole Roberts on Vimeo.

There is just this energy in Bahia, it is so hard to explain. But as everyone I’ve ever known who’s been there, once you go you know you’ll go back. There’s this expression that I think is pretty uniquely Brazilian: saudade. I remember the first time I left Bahia I started crying on the morning I had to leave and I thought, “This is crazy, what’s going on here?” And of course that was in 1997, so I guess some part of my DNA knew that I was leaving a place that was going to be a very important part of my journey. But there’s this very strong, palpable energy. And I think it’s because of the African heritage. I really do… There’s something very familiar, very soothing, and very energizing.

—Donna Roberts, Filmmaker

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