I never thought I would wake up in bed to a gun at my face. I thought that sh*t only happens in the movies. I wrote more extensively about my experience in this blog post: http://www.passportheavy.com/robbed-a… I travel the world to highlight the beauty in places that might not often be shown. I really want to show the world how beautiful Africa is as a continent. It is the blood that runs through my veins. Before I go any deeper, I just want say that Jo’burg is not all of Africa.

I got love for South Africa and I met so many dope people. It’s unfortunate because I never intended to release negative media on any destination, let alone, a place in Africa. I’ve felt compelled to do so because first of all, I create content as if I am making it for my friends and I want people to have a good time and be safe doing so. I am glad that in a situation like this, I am not sponsored and I don’t have to make some canned ass response or not even talk about it. I would feel bad about putting people who follow me in danger without knowing all the details. There is so much beauty in this place, but this devil is alive here as well. Sorry for all the doom and gloom in this post but this was my reality for Jo’burg and it’s worth sharing my very real experience of it so that others can be aware and take even more precautions if they choose to travel that way.

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