This is a yoga travel sequence, particularly useful if you have arrived at the end of the journey. Get settled, get grounded and feel delicious! We´ll use grounding techniques to help you adjust and land in your destination. If you´ve been on a plane, train, boat or automobile, we tend to be quite cramped up in transit and a little out of sync so our systems can take a while to settle, so we´ll try to create some space to release tension and find a sense of home in your body, wherever you are.

To be honest, even if you´re not going anywhere, this is a feel good and soothing practice for getting grounded. Expect a little bit of everything. Space for your hips, hamstrings, quads, ankles and shoulders with some twists, sidebends, backbends, inversions and folds. Nothing too crazy, just feelgood spacemaking explorations. As always, take it at your own place, find what feels good for your body, and have a sweet adventure!

You will need: a trap/belt/piece of fabric. There will be a mix of gentle flow, some stretching, some strengthening and some massage techniques which will hopefully help you feel balanced. Really hope this one feels good! Let me know where you´re practicing and how it goes!

Love always, Dionne x

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