The concept of the “Ego” has many interpretations. But there’s one inescapable fact… We all have one. And daily we have to manage our own ego and the ones of those around us. How do we use our talents and accomplishments to propel us without getting to our head? It’s a delicate balance.This mix explores the expression of the ego. Because sometimes you still gotta let people know wassup.”

—DJ Twelve45

1. Thank Me Now – @octobersveryown
2. Dressed Like Rappers – @isaiah_rashad
3. Ice/Cold – @imaneurope
4. Higher – Jhene Aiko
5. Know What I Want – Jhene Aiko
6. How Many Mics – Fugees
7. Loose Rap – Aaliyah (ft. Static)
8. Me, Yesterday – @jordxnmusic
9. F.U.T.W. – Jay Z
10. One In Rotation – @LittleSimz (ft. SiR)
11. Listen 2 Me – Queen Latifah
12. Ego – A Tribe Called Quest

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